Well, it’s not actually about us. In fact, what we are about is you: your comfort, your health and your lifestyle

Simply Shoes makes selecting the ideal shoe simple. With a range of impeccably designed and crafted footwear from Brazil for ladies, and from Italy for your young ones, we promise to provide you with the perfect pair for each journey.

Our women’s line of Piccadilly, Brazilian footwear, presents a collection that seeks inspiration from world fashion trends, while placing utmost importance on bringing practicality and comfort to the day to day. PICCADILLY’s technology provides uncompromising comfort that you can actually feel. Being a pioneer in the use of technologies which increase the efficiency of processes, Piccadilly contributes to the rational use of materials, and other socially responsible practices.

Our children’s footwear selection is driven by our motivation to make sure they never take a wrong step. We have the experience and the know-how to help every parent make a well-informed selection for their precious child.

Our co-founder Kenny Ma, has been working in the footwear industry for more than 20 years. Having started his career in Hong Kong, he is familiar with the needs of a cosmopolitan and socially demanding lifestyle. His knowledge is your assurance.

Comfort. Technology. Fashion.

We are here for you.

   We are Simply Shoes.