Revolutionary Advancements

MaxiTherapy is a specialized technology in Piccadilly shoes that incorporates massage beads or pads into the footbed. These massage elements help stimulate blood circulation and provide a soothing effect, promoting foot comfort and relaxation.

Energy ON is the launch that will recharge your routine. With an exclusive magnet system, the shoe transforms impact into vibration. This prevents injuries to the knee joints and provides relaxation for the legs and feet. Walk further with this energy!

Piccadilly pays attention to the anatomical shape of the foot, designing their shoes to follow the contours of the foot for a more comfortable fit. This feature helps reduce pressure points and improve overall support.

Antiviral: Virus free, safe for you
Innovation and beauty go hand in hand here. PICCADILLY Antiviral technology with these features:
ANTIVIRAL AND ANTIBACTERIAL Prevents footwear from carrying viruses or bacteria, inactivating 99% of them.
PERMANENT PROTECTION Permanent action throughout the footwear shelf-life even after being cleaned, washed, or worn.
STERILIZABLE WITH ALCOHOL 70% rubbing alcohol resistant and repellent to the water.
It does not stain or fade after being sanitized

PICCADILLY PERFECT FITMake Walking More Comfortable:
All PICCADILLY shoes have the Perfect Fit. Only PICCCADILLY has the Perfect Fit.
All PICCADILLY shoes add exclusive technologies that provide the Perfect Fit for women. These are unique features that make walking more comfortable.