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Maxi: Therapy 

PICCADILLY MAXI is the first and only Brazilian footwear with technology certified by ANVISA. It has a biofiber blanket below the insole that transforms your own body heat into far infrared rays, stimulating blood circulation. This prevents swelling, varicose veins, relieves pain and eliminates toxins. MAXI offers long-lasting comfort and well-being. 


ENERGY ON: Turns Impact into Vibration

Technology, design, comfort and sustainability. Energy ON is the launch that will recharge your routine. With an exclusive magnet system, the shoe transforms impact into vibration. This prevents injuries to the knee joints and provides relaxation for the legs and feet. Walk further with this energy!


Bunion: Stretch, Breathe and Caress

Do you have a Bunion or know someone who has this condition? It is more common than you might think. More than 30% of women have bunions and the condition is progressive, can cause severe pain. It's time to put your bunion at ease. Stretch, breathe and caress, PICCADILLY bunion shoes give you more by providing authenticity to your steps.

Antiviral: Virus free, safe for you

Innovation and beauty go hand in hand here. PICCADILLY  Antiviral technology with these features:

Prevents footwear from carrying viruses or bacteria, inactivating 99% of them.

70% rubbing alcohol resistant and repellent to the water. It does not stain or fade after being sanitized.

Permanent action throughout the footwear shelf-life even after being cleaned, washed, or worn.


Perfect Fit: make walking more comfortable

All PICCADILLY shoes have the Perfect Fit. Only PICCCADILLY has the Perfect Fit. All PICCADILLY shoes add exclusive technologies that provide the Perfect Fit for women. These are unique features that make walking more comfortable.


Soft Step: Soft and Smooth Steps

Soft and smooth steps! When walking, your feet are pressed harder at specific points. This can cause pain or calluses, depending on how long you've been standing or moving. To say goodbye to discomfort, try SoftStep.

Light Step: More Comfort and Less Fatigue

Piccadilly stands out for the lightness of its footwear. But some are super light, weighing well below the maximum per foot according to standards of comfort.

Heel Spur: Cushion for Heel Spur

The PICCADILLY Heel Spur technology makes walking easier and provides cushioning in an innovative way, through openings in the sole that guarantee a perfect walk. Heel Spur is cushioning with lightness, flexibility, grip and the unparalleled comfort of PICCADILLY.

SPA: Exclusive Technology
* Includes 1 pair of Replaceable Massage Insoles.
* Specially designed with Special SPA Technology for this product.
* Easy to replace and switch between Massage & Normal insoles.
* Therapeutic health benefits of wearing massage Insoles
* Reduce fatigue and pain in joints
* Improves standing postures
* Improves Blood circulation in the body
* Made to wear in any activity – all day long and many other health benefits.


A system that respects the female foot shape, with TPU resistant soles and  pockets that attenuate irregularities of the ground.